Work Order Type Settings (Work Order Type Name will appear here)

NameWork Order Name
DescriptionWork Order Description
Presentation MethodMultiple Choice (select one) Bid, Accept/Reject,Manual Assignment, Auto Assignment, Conditional Assignment
Capture pick up locationyes/no if the WO has a separate location for an item to be picked up
Work Order Durationtime slot for WO (hours)
Add Customer Assets to Work Orderyes/no Will an asset be associated to this WO
Has Delivery Itemsyes/no Does the WO has a delivery item
Has Authorized Service Providersyes/no Does this WO type have authorized service providers?
Has Partneryes/no is the order associated to a partner (client order only) if yes show drop down or partners to associate.
Terms & Conditionsyes/no Does order have term and conditions

Custom Fields

NameTypeRequiredSearchableCustomer VisibleOptions
Name of fieldfield typeis the field requiredis the field searchablecan the customer see the fieldbutton to view or edit field settings


Attachments Name
Attachment/s associated with this work order type

The terms are displayed in the order and are accepted each time and order is accented, assigned.

Terms and Conditions

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  • The service pipeline is a work flow of items that need to be accomplished  to complete a Work Order.

  • A step is an action that would need to be completed by a specified individual or role. This could be a provider, a manager, a supervisor,etc.. it would depend on who individual/role that step is assigned to.

  • Steps can trigger action items. Action items can be: Status change, Task creation(role specific), start/stop time tracking, etc.

  • Steps can have conditional logic. Steps are assigned to specific people or roles and once a step is completed the next step would become live and the person/role responsible for completing that step would then be notified.

  • Complete specified task e.g. contact customer

    Step One

  • Complete specified task e.g. Schedule Appointment

    Step two

    Assigned to Service Provider

  • Confirm Appointment 24 hrs Prior

    Step Three

    Assigned to Service Manager

  • 30 minute pre-call

    Step Four

    Assigned to Service Provider

  • Mark order as complete

    Step Five

    Assigned to Service Provider

  • Post Call

    Step Six

    Assigned to Service Manager

  • Customer Review

    Step Seven

    Assigned to the customer, conditional logic applies and this step would not be active until the job had been marked complete by the service provider.

  • Submit for review

    Step Eight

    Assigned to Service Provider, provider would ensure that all deliverable items i.e. sign wo, pictures etc. are uploaded and then submit for review.

  • Order Review

    Step Nine

    assigned to service manager. Order is reviewed, task is completed, order is then set to payment approval by supervisor. This would create a task the corresponding role to complete the payment approval.

  • Payment Approval

    Step 10

    Assigned to supervisor role. Task is completed and order is approved/denied for pay depending on presence of deliverable items. Completion of this step would close the work order in the system.

Statuses list is for example only

Work Order Status Association

Pre-call Needed
Pending Schedule Date
En-route to Service Location
  • Presentation radius: Service providers with in this radius that match the associated skills, credentials, and capabilities will be presented this order when it is generated in accordance with the designated presentation method.

  • Skills: All skills associated here must be met to trigger order presentation.

  • Credentials: All Credentials associated here must be met to trigger order presentation.

  • Capability: All Capabilities associated here must be met to trigger order presentation.

Presentation Radius


Skill Name
Skill/s associated with this work order type


Credential Name
Credential/s associated with this work order type


Capabilty Name
Capabilities associated with this work order type

Deliverables are required items needed to show that a work order has been completed. These items could be a customer signed copy of a work order, pictures of the completed install, assembly, repair, etc., copy of a receipt, etc…


Deliverable Items

Deliverable Item Name
Deliverable Item/s associated with this work order type
ex. photo of install
ex. signed WO

Work Order Margins are set depending on the order type:
Margin Types

  1. Fixed- Work order has a set Price and Cost this would mean there is an invoice item associated with the work order that has this information set.
  2. Percentage- Percentage mark up based on bid price or provider quote
  3. Variable Percentage- sliding percentage based on bid price or provider quote.

Margin Type

Margin TypePercentage
Variable Percentage
Radio Button: Fixed,Percentage,Variable Percentageexample 20%example 20%

Invoice Item

Type of Item: Service,Material, PartItem NameTotal priceTotal costquantityedit item


Commission NameCommission TypeFixed amountPercentage
Variable Percentage
Insurance Radio Button: Fixed,Percentage,Variable Percentage$1.00.05%.05%

If the work order has Authorized Service Providers enabled this is where they will be listed. This is also where they will be added, approved, and/or removed.

Authorized Service Providers

NamePhoneEmail# of orders completedLast LoginAuthorization StatusOptions
Billy Bob407-789-4562[email protected]129/18/2017ApprovedButton to edit provider
John Doe407-789-4562[email protected]237/21/2018Pending ApprovalButton to edit provider
Bob Roberts407-789-4562[email protected]1223/21/2018ApprovedButton to edit provider
William Roberts407-789-4562[email protected]457/21/2018Pending ApprovalButton to edit provider
Jimbo Jones407-789-4562[email protected]49/18/2017ApprovedButton to edit provider
Lawrence Bell 407-789-4562[email protected]343/21/2018Pending ApprovalButton to edit provider
Peter Hall407-789-4562[email protected]347/21/2018Pending ApprovalButton to edit provider
Justin Case407-789-4562[email protected]763/21/2018ApprovedButton to edit provider
Mike Hunt407-789-4562[email protected]897/21/2018Pending ApprovalButton to edit provider
Albert Incan407-789-4562[email protected]73/21/2018ApprovedButton to edit provider
Harold Butts407-789-4562[email protected]67/21/2018DeniedButton to edit provider