Be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

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It is free. No, really. There are no fees to submit a quote, no credits to buy, no lead budget to set. When a request comes in, you review it and submit a quote.

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You choose the things you want to do. Select services that match your skill sets and that you are interested in getting notified of when they are requested in your area.

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Connect to new customers, get jobs, not empty leads. Search and connect to clients that are looking for service providers. Spend more time doing the jobs not looking for them.

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1. Complete the sign-up form

2. Confirm your email address

3. Sign in and complete your profile 

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7. Get Jobs

  • Take some time and make sure that your profile looks good.

  • Add a good profile picture and some photos of past jobs that you have completed.

  • Service Connection is more than just a place to get another job, when customers in your area search for someone that can help them with their request they are going to find your profile and it will play a big part in if they choose to move forward with your quote.

  • Clients that are looking for service providers to complete service request are also using information in your profile to decide if they want to connect to you and send jobs directly to you.

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How are we different?

Number 1

When you submit a quote the price you give is the price you get paid. A markup based on the type of service request is added and presented to the customer.

Number 2

Your success is our success, it is that easy. If you do not make money, then we do not make money.

Number 3

We do not sell leads, we do not sell advertisements, we do not sell credits, you cannot pay to be featured, and you cannot buy reviews to make a profile look good.